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  • Artistic director / Choreographer : Philippe Saint-Paul
  • Dancers : Jessica Lane, Philippe Saint-Paul
  • Light design : Cecily Chow
  • Music : Suzi Quatro

This piece is an evocation of the reknown and daring designer Alexander McQueen through his process of exploration, He always started every collection with an idea or a concept for the runway presentation before the fashions. After the concept, he would have this elaborate sort of storyboard with these various references from art, from film, from music—his influences from everywhere. There’s a famous story about how he was watching Friends one day, and Joey was wearing a green sweater, and Joey’s green sweater inspired an aspect of his collection. So he was such a sponge that inspiration came from everywhere. The actual creative process in terms of the clothes themselves were often designed directly on the mannequin during a fitting. So fittings, for McQueen, were incredibly important.


I think that McQueen saw life cinematically, and I think that that approach to life was something that you see very clearly on the runway. So his interest in extreme weather conditions was part of that sort of dramatic view of life. And I think that one of the reasons why he loved nature so much was because it was so unpredictable. They were spontaneous; it was something that one can never control, and I think that was always something he liked to show in his collections.

This choreography dwells on the unpredictability of the creation process. Although completely choreographed, it aims at sharing the feeling that anything can happen, as is real life.