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Orpheus’ myth has always inspired artists throughout history for its unique combination of love and death. This contemporary version is set in a modern city and explores the alienation proper to modern life.

Orpheus is this young man who lives day by day, finding it hard to find his way in a dark and gloomy world, not sure of what the future holds for him. He is surrounded by similar boys and girls who feel the same, hoping for some meaning in the daily lives.

One girl stands aside: Eurydice. She is in love with Orpheus, but is not really paid in return as he is a player, not quite ready to settle down. When she sees him play around, she gets desperate and tries to kill him. Orpheus loses his voice after that incident and he can only dance to express his feelings.

To get back his voice he decides to go look for his voice as Eurydice has disappeared with it after the shoot. Starting his journey down to face his own fears, he faces numerous images of himself. He realizes that it is in fact the reflection of his fears, and after an epic fight with death, he gains the right to take his voice back, as long as he doesn’t face it.

Alas, Eurydice tries to prevent Orpheus from regain his voice as it means she will loose him again. Orpheus kills her in despair, but he also kills his voice, which tried to protect Eurydice. By killing his voice, he kills himself. All that remains is a Lyre symbol of love and death.