La Danse

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  • Artistic director / ChroeographerPhilippe Saint-Paul
  • Number of dancers : « Le cri », duo / « Faun », solo / Morphoses, 4 dancers
  • Guest artist : Pedro Pauwels
  • Music : Claude Debussy / Maurice Ravel

This Unique program presents an exceptional variety of modern and modernist styles coming together in stunning unity.

The first piece, Entre-mains by Pedro Pauwels originates from Matisse «La Danse», and explores the line : succession of points, curves, angles, construction, deconstruction using 4 modules united together.

The second piece is performed by Pedro himself. He asked 8 noted choreographers to work on the theme of the « Dying swan »: 8 very different styles and yet a striking look at feminity and masculinity. Choreographed by Anne-Marie Reynaud, Odile Duboc, Carolyn Carlson, Françoise Dupuy, Elsa Wolliaston, Wilfride Piollet, Patricia Karagozian and Zaza Disdier.

The last piece, Morphoses by UBDC resident choreographer Philippe Saint-Paul starts from the same premise as Entre-mains but takes us in a very different world where space, time and dreams collide. We are taken back to the time in Paris where all artists from different generations, origins, dreams met and confronted their ideas in a unequalled dynamic: at the beginning of the 20th century in Paris, we see Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Rodin, Isadora Duncan, Fokine, Nijinsky, Stravinsky create a new world where nothing will ever be the same.

Vidéo of Morphoses (Repetition)