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« Crosswalks » takes place in the city with its street intertwining in a square pattern, the lack of horizons, the flow of cars, people walking by, trying to get somewhere, molecular tissue with no specific directions but the ones that every individual wants,  to imprint to his own paths, sometimes continuous and sometimes broken. In the middle of this apparent confusion, things happen : encounters, meeting, separations.

Can we ever stop ? Even immobility seems to be taking us somewhere, in a journey where there is no real beginning nor end. Time cannot top and neither can we.

On stage throughout, this encounter is reflected by emotions made movement and music. Music and dance reflect fragility, strength, at times vulnerability. Movements are deep, powerful and fluid fast and slow …

Loosely based in Paul Auster’s work, many of which concentrate heavily on the role of coincidence and random events, this experience seems to go nowhere and at the same time takes us irresistibly and explores questions of identity, space, creating a distinctive postmodern (and critique of postmodernism) form in the process.

Urban Bones dance Company is inviting us here, during 60 minutes, to a journey directly into the heart of Humanity. The audience is left wondering and becomes witness to the eternal human connections that Dance has always been able to express. – By Henri Pompidor, Mahidol University (International critic)

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